Friday, July 1, 2011

Americans are being comprehensively screwed

Check out this report which lays bare the economical betrayal of ordinary Americans in the interests of big business and a merciless plutocracy.
At this rate they will become the working poor of the developed world, there to suffer sub-par services, work till they die, and live in the darkening core of a hollowed-out once-was-a-superpower blighted by greed.

Sources are listed at the bottom.


  1. Magpie you are so right, it has already begun, in fact we've been sliding downhill fast for the past 10 yrs. The sad and scary part is the blind deaf and dumb followers of the republiscum party will still vote for the idiots against their own best interests all because of their hate for liberals and because the religious right tells them God said to do it.

    If the democratic party, led by Barack Obama, doesn't grow a spine and lay down the law instead of just laying down and letting those thugs walk all over them, we are fucked...

  2. I think I'll have to see Sue's 10 years and raise her 20 years, AT LEAST.

    This, like America's foreign policy, is simply blowback from short-sighted, greedy domestic and international financial maneuvers which started as far back as when Hollywood invaded politics - Reganomics, perhaps even as far back as daddy George Washington himself, but I'm not astute enough to determine that; I'm just suspicious enough to connect the European imperialism, daddy George’s kinship with the European elite and the other elitist plantation-owners of the early colonies wiht a dose of reality. In the life of the elite, 235 years of U.S. government is but a moment in time and a dollar or two from their wallet.

    Once an ardent supporter of free market, I've come to realize that a concept is rarely reality (starting with honesty), especially when the greed of the elite that has ruled the world for centuries enters the picture. Our political system is as bankrupt as our financial system and they’re both controlled by the elite and, just as Magpie’s chart shows, we’re losing ground faster than the U.S. did in Vietnam.

    Until the elite are controlled through an authentic strong government for the people, with the needs of the people in mind, we'll never win the battle.