Sunday, May 22, 2011

The greatest day of my life

I know I’ve had a low profile recently and it’ll probably continue.

But if you find your way here, I’d just like to share with you a moment from the greatest day of my life – today – before my body shuts down for the night.

This morning (so long ago…) my instructor/mentor/friend said, to a little group of us:

Today you will discover whether you have something in you that most people never get to discover whether they have or not....
‘Blood, sweat and tears’ is a phrase a lot of people use – without a damned clue what it means.
But you’re not ‘a lot of people’. You’re different.
You truly know what it means.
Make this the culmination of all the work you have put in up to this moment, these next several hours….

No-one fails after someone says that.

Yeah and for the record I’m an atheist, a liberal (in the American sense, not the Australian one), and I will cheerfully pay my taxes to save what’s left of the planet and keep people from starving.

Good night.


  1. Awww Magpie you are a sweetie! I'm glad you're a Liberal in the American sense, It's so nice to hear we have support around the globe. I will never complain about taxes when I know they are put to GOOD use...well that's a whole other post cuz we know what the wingnuts REALLY do with the little guys hard earned money!

    Be well Magpie!

  2. Shoot, after that I'm ready to pay YOU taxes. Sweet dreams.

  3. Missing you and hope you are well.