Saturday, March 12, 2011


Earthquake. All the news since yesterday... well, you'd already know about that. You've already seen the pictures. It's bad.

Got a message to and from my wife's brother - everyone all right, but no power.

My wife wrote "don't do something dumb like fall down the stairs in the dark'. Sounded funny in Japanese.

Found this... It's good for remembering the best days in Japan, and knowing they will always return. So will we. Wish I was there now.


  1. After countless failed connections, I managed to make contact via phone that night with one of my closest Japanese friends who lives in Tokyo. She had managed to make it to a co-worker's apartment where a few of them had gathered in relative safety.
    My wife and I spent about fifteen minutes depicting to them the images we were watching on TV of what was happening in their country from half a world away.
    It just so happened that we were still on the phone when the power came back on for them - the cries of relief and joy were many, raw and thoroughly overwhelming.
    Wish I get back their to help, or at least give my friends a hug.

  2. I'm glad to hear that everyone's family and friends are safe. I really can't grasp the enormity of this tragedy.